Technology Vision Statement

To seamlessly integrate technology into the teaching and learning process to create empowered learners who are prepared for future success.

Belief Statements

  1. Providing consistent access to technology will help reduce the digital divide and equip students with future job skills.
  2. Students should utilize technology to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically.
  3. Instructional technology support is essential for effective technology implementation.
  4. All staff have an expectation to remain digitally literate in an evolving world.
  5. Exposing students to online tools, and teaching digital citizenship, will help prepare students to be responsible technology users.
  6. Students with strong foundational technology skills are better equipped for future success
1:1 Chromebook Program

Students in 2nd - 8th grade will be provided a Chromebook at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. Berkeley School District 87 believes that incorporating technology into the teaching and learning experience has the power to enhance learning and lead to greater student achievement. Berkeley School District also believes that students with a deep understanding of technology are better prepared for future success. 

A Berkeley School District 87 1:1 Student Guidebook has been developed by a group of teachers with feedback from students, parents, and administration. The 1:1 Guidebook has  been designed to better educate students about how to use Chromebooks: 

✓to enhance their learning

 - Link to English 1:1 Student Guidebook
 - Link to Spanish 1:1 Student Guidebook

Chromebook Take Home Purpose Berkeley School District 87 believes bringing Chromebooks home: promotes equitable technology access outside of the school day - extends learning beyond the school day - allows for collaboration to support student learning - provides access to digital content and tools used during the school - provides parents the opportunity to see the tools students are learning with

Mobile Hotspot Program
Berkeley School District is committed to promoting equitable technology access for all students both during the school day and outside of the school day. To support our Chromebook take home initiative, Berkeley School District has partnered with T-Mobile to participate in the T-Mobile EmpowerED program.

Berkeley School District is excited to announce we have been awarded Mobile Wireless Hotspots to distribute to students who: 

1) have no home Internet access
2) have home Internet access that is not adequate for school related work

If you are interested in obtaining a mobile wireless hotspot, fill out the Parent/Guardian Consent form and submit it to your school office. 

- Link to ENGLISH Mobile Wireless Hotspots Questions & Answers
- Link to SPANISH Mobile Wireless Hotspots Questions & Answers

- Link to ENGLISH Mobile Wireless Hotspot Parent/Guardian Consent Form
- Link to SPANISH Mobile Wireless Hotspot Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Cleaning Technology

Below are two articles explaining appropriate ways to clean and sanitize student Chromebooks. - Lenovo Knowledge Base & Guides: Keeping your Computer Clean - How to Sanatize a Chromebook
Technology Policy & Guidebook - Link to 1-1 Chromebook Guidebook (English) - Link to 1-1 Chromebook Guidebook (Spanish) - Link to Permissible Use of District Technology
Utilized SOPPA Compliant Applications - Link

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